I continue to focus on sharing information around business processes, business improvements, and how to have the right mindset to propel your business forward.  We all change our messaging to try to land our communication in a way, in a tone, in the right words, etc. that resonate with our customers.  As I continue to work on the messaging for Legend, one of the key learnings I want to impart is that you have to have a plan to be able to lead your business vs run your business. 

What’s the difference?  The difference is that we all had to start our businesses with us running them.  That means we built various inefficiencies into our businesses to simply get them off of the ground.  It’s not on purpose, it’s not that we wanted them to be inefficient, it’s that we had to do what we had to do to create our businesses in the first place.  And when we started them, it was just us; a one-woman show.  

Now that you have grown your business, you are still living with those inefficiencies, but you don’t see them as inefficiencies. You see them as simply part of the business you created.  So instead of improving your business, you throw money at headcount, a sales team, more ads, and marketing, etc.  When the answer is sitting right in front of you!

So instead of running your business, I want you to lead your business.  I want you to learn a new method of how to have a better, more efficient, more revenue-generating business.  To lead means you see it for what it is and make it better, you’re not so close to the business itself that you can’t see the needed improvement.

Think of it this way.  When you were a child, you learned to eat with a knife and a fork.  You put your fork in your non-dominate hand and you held the fork how?  With all 4 fingers wrapped around the handle of the fork.  For some of us, as we got older, we realized that wasn’t the most efficient way to hold the fork, so we adjusted and now we place our first finger pointing down toward the tines of the fork.  The next time you go out to eat, have friends over, etc. watch how adults eat with a knife and a fork.  Some of them have made adjustments.  Some of them still eat like that 4-year-old child.  

Businesses are the same way. Just because it worked before and got the job done, doesn’t mean that it’s the best, most efficient, most revenue-generating method to perform a process in your business. That original method got you far! But is there a way to do it better? Until you step out of your business and lead it (vs. being so close and running it), it will be hard for you to see areas where you can improve.

I want you to realize there is a better way, a way to lead your business and not just run your business.  At Legend Leaders we are here to teach you the business and leadership strategies you need to create and live your Legendary Life.  When you are ready, we want to teach you how to transition to leading a business.  It’s the only way to have the business you want and live the life you deserve.  

Be Legendary!