This episode is all about you!  I want you to learn how to create and build your accomplishments routine.  You see, we are business leaders and as such we expect that we are going to learn something new and grow through problems each and every day.  Because we have these expectations of ourselves, we actually downplay the growth we experience as business leaders.

That’s so unfair!  Just because we know we have to learn and grow, doesn’t mean that that understanding somehow negates our ability to celebrate when we do it!  Athletes know they have to go out and play hard and win. When they win, they don’t prevent themselves from celebrating. Heck no! They celebrate every win! So why don’t we? We work hard, we strive to overcome the barriers in front of us, and when we do that, we need to see that for the accomplishment that it is. We need to celebrate!

So how do we acknowledge our growth throughout the year?  Create an accomplishment document; a place where you will make a list of all you have learned in a week, a milestone you have achieved, any new barriers you overcame in your business, etc.  There is nothing too small or too big.  If you did it or learned it, put it on the list.

I created a page in the back of my writing journal.  When I finished my first journal this year, I reviewed my accomplishment list as part of finishing out my journal book.  It was an amazing reminder of all I have learned and done since the beginning of the year.  Many things I had already forgotten about so it was a great reminder of what I have overcome so far this year.

I guarantee you will be surprised at all you have done in a year if you will create a routine around writing down your accomplishments.  I would also tell you that this list is great on a crummy day when you feel like you aren’t doing anything right.  Taking a look at this list will remind you of how far you have come and help you remember that the crummy day is just one day in your journey, it doesn’t define you.

Your challenge today is to create a place for your list, build a routine around adding information to that list, and then decide to review your list at least once a quarter (I would recommend a monthly review) so you can celebrate all of the amazing growth and work you have accomplished at that point.

Be Legendary!