As business leaders, we are constantly learning.  If we aren’t learning, our business isn’t thriving.  I think that learning and business leadership go hand in hand.  We are constantly learning about our people, ourselves, our business, and the overall business world.  But let me ask you a question you may not have thought about, how do you learn?

You see, if you are a lifelong learner, you have to know how you learn best.  I teach my clients in a stepwise fashion.  In other words, I give you step 1, then step 2, then step 3, etc.  If you don’t like to learn in a stepwise way, you probably wouldn’t enjoy learning from me.  But given that you are listening to this podcast, you have already figured that out.  And the fact that you’re listening means stepwise training appeals to you.

But if you don’t like to learn stepwise, maybe you like the Roomba approach. You know, the little vacuum that goes throughout your entire living room, crisscrossing pathways but somehow at the end of it all it has vacuumed your entire room?  There is no pattern it seems, the robot is simply randomly pulling the information together until the end result appears.   

There is no wrong way to learn, it’s simply just your way.  And you need to know your way such that when you have to learn something big, a new method, a new strategy, a new process, etc., you know how to tackle it. For example, if you are a DIY person.  Someone who likes to learn on her own and apply it all at her own pace. That’s one method.  If you like self-learning but want an accountability partner or someone to bounce ideas off of each step of the way that’s another methodology. Or, if you very much want someone to handle the work for you because it’s not a topic you want to spend weeks learning but the overall lessons still need to be applied to your business, that is yet another way.  

For me, I like DIY, for the most part, with the ability to ask someone for some input if  I need it.  Think about the college you went to.  If it was a large class, hundreds of people, you were one of many, but you knew you could ask a question during office hours, you are a DIY like me.  If you went to a small college with an average classroom size of 20, you are a one-on-one coaching person most. likely.

Once you figure out your learning style, you need to apply this as you move forward. Learn what you need to learn, in order to move yourself and your business forward.  Don’t buy a course without coaching if you aren’t a DIY learner.  Don’t buy one-on-one coaching if you are going to feel bothered by someone wanting to connect with you weekly, asking you questions.  How do you learn?  Answering this will save you stress and worry as you get into learning situations in the future. 

Be Legendary!