With the change in the weather, why not use that as motivation and let spring pump up your afternoon routine?

Yes, it’s spring.  When I think March and April, I think about new beginnings, right?  That’s what spring is. 

There is always this hope, this promise . . . this level of excitement that comes with spring.  We move out of the cold, wet, dreary, dark season of winter and we come bursting into spring-like flowers starting to grow and bloom in our yards.

With that happening around you, it should be the extra little encouragement you need to make some changes to your routine.

I’m not talking about a complete overhaul.  You know I shared with you my daily routine, which I’m very happy with.  But I can always take my routine to the next level, and use spring as my motivator to help me get there.

Little things like lunch at my desk, can now be lunch outside because the weather is perfect.  Or at least in the dining room looking outside, right?  Conference calls that aren’t sharing a document or a presentation can move from zoom to phone only and I can go for a walk in the neighborhood, enjoying some fresh air while getting work done.  Since we have already moved our clocks forward earlier in the month we have extra daylight in the evenings. That allows for grilling vs. being in the kitchen all day, playing outside with the kids, or going for a walk with the family after dinner.

Maybe you don’t go to an office, maybe you never did, maybe you no longer are required to.  As a result of all this working from home, we continue to get sucked into the inevitable black hole of more tasks and less happiness or joy.

Use spring!  Let spring cause a resurgence of excitement for life, movement, and the confidence to step away from your desk, enjoy the outside a bit more, move your body, and let’s create a new routine that is more supportive of your body and mental health.

Be Legendary!