We regularly discuss doing. your monthly review of your business performance.  It’s a no-brainer and very much part of your monthly routine.  But what about a monthly review of your time and personal goals?  How did you do with sticking to your calendar, spending your time where you needed to spend it, etc. Ultimately, did you achieve your personal goals?

Remember that we are working to grow a business, but part of growing your business means you have to live the life you deserve.  You have to be able to do both.  So if you don’t have a routine around assessing how well you are living your Legendary Life, create that routine.

Sit down and look at your calendar.  What did you say you would do each day?  Did you do it?  Did you get sucked into work you shouldn’t have been involved in?  Did you accomplish the work on your calendar that you committed yourself to?  

Take some time today and do a true assessment of your time, your activities, and determine what you truly accomplished.

What goals did you establish for yourself within the month of July for example?  Not just business goals, but in your total life.  Did you set out to spend a certain amount of time with your spouse?  With your kids? With yourself?  Did you set aside time to do those things?  How many times in the month did you live up to that?

Creating a life worth living isn’t going to be worth much to you if in the process of creating a business you lose all of the things that you are trying to live for.  Your monthly review of your time and monthly goals is critical to ensuring you deliver to your life goals.

Your challenge is to create a monthly routine to review, assess, and gauge your performance within the time and personal goals you committed to each month. Be clear and purposeful, just like you are with your business.  What did you set out to do?  Did you accomplish it?  How do you repeat it or change it accordingly? Your life will be more fulfilled because of it.

Be Legendary!