Did you know that too much is just right?

For all of you who have been told, you are just too much, meaning you have heard things like:  You are too smart.  You solve problems too quickly.  You expect too much because you want everyone to perform at a minimum performance level, or maybe it’s because you want to remove people from your team who don’t perform.  It could be that you’re too solution-oriented and you immediately start solving the problem, you need to slow down and let everyone else catch up to you.  (“You’re not going to have any friends if you don’t slow down!”) Or maybe you have heard that you need to consider people’s feelings before you make a business decision, (Why aren’t you more sensitive?).  Then there is the flip side, you are too sensitive to the customer’s needs.

When you hear those words, you are confused.  Baffled.  You want to fit in, but you also want to be you.  At Legend Leaders, I’m drawing a line in the sand.  I want you to know that I am saying NO MORE.  No more will I stand in the shadows and not advocate for amazing women just like you who are working in the corporate world, giving it your all, only to be told that you need to step back into the shadows because you’re too much.

Know this, you are perfect just as you are. The world needs your gifts.  So let’s get them out there!

What does that mean?  It means first, recognizes that there is nothing wrong with you, you aren’t TOO MUCH.  Remember, TOO MUCH IS JUST RIGHT. More specifically, too much in the corporate world is just right in the entrepreneurial world.

You have amazing gifts that while they may be intimidating to others, is exactly what the world needs.  Maybe the corporate world can’t handle your gifts, but the real world can.

Second, start deciding how you will free yourself to be you, give your gifts, and make the world better.  Start with the search within yourself.  Who are you? Who do you want to be?  Who are you meant to be?  How are you meant to serve?

If you are stuck or you’re unsure, schedule a free 30-minute Jump Start call with me and let me help you move forward.

Either way, you have to remember: too much is just right.

Be Legendary!