In last week’s episode, we talked about the fact that too much is just right.  Inherently though, there are amazing women out there who are thinking, “I can’t leave my corporate job today.  I have to save some money, I have to take care of a sick parent, etc.  I need to be successful in this job for another year, how do I do that, Katrina?”  In other words, “How do I make it in the corporate world when I’m too much?”

Ultimately if you can bring the entrepreneurial mindset into the corporate world, you will be able to survive in that environment while you are taking care of the life situations that demand your attention and time right now.  You see, if you are too much in the corporate world but just right in the entrepreneurial world, you need to merge those worlds.

There are two reasons that you need to do this:

1.  It empowers you to be who you truly are.  You can be your true, authentic self and fit into that entrepreneurial environment that the corporate world shifts to when you bring that mindset into play. You can give your gifts, your talents, and you don’t have to worry about justifying to fit the mold.  

2. An entrepreneurial mindset is what large corporations need to embody if they want to thrive in the world.  Entrepreneurs innovate and iterate. They fall in love with their customer, not their products.  Because they have this mindset, they grow successful businesses.  Corporations are too large and complex to allow for this agility and this constant innovation, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need it.  They do!

So ultimately, you must bring the entrepreneurial world into the corporate world. At Legend Leaders, we go into corporations and do just that.  We teach executives how to think and act like entrepreneurs.  If you want this injected into your corporation, let us know!

Be Legendary!