Today we are focusing on embracing yourself and knowing you are enough. As we continue to talk about the mindset, “too much is just right,” the most common question I keep hearing is:  “How do I accept this truth?  When you said this Katrina, it resonated with me.  But I can’t get my mind there.  I can’t accept it. I’m afraid.”

I understand the fear and I respect it. You see, all our lives we have wanted to fit in.  Every person on this planet wants to belong, to find a place where they are accepted as they are. When you get into that corporate environment and you are told, “if you just make this adjustment you will skyrocket your career,” naturally you are going to make those adjustments.  First, because you want to be successful but ultimately because you want to belong.  So to accept the fact that you are perfect as you are means you have to be at peace with not fitting into the corporate world. 

That acceptance, that mental shift, is the hard part of this. The reason is that most of us truly believe in our core that we aren’t enough and that we don’t deserve to be loved or accepted.  When you accept that you are enough, that you are perfect for this world (not the corporate world, but the world of service), you will be able to accept that too much is just right.  You can feel comfortable in your own skin.  Life isn’t about striving to become someone you’re not, it’s about loving who you already are.

So let’s agree to do this. First, stop being so hard on yourself.  Stop feeling like you must “earn acceptance.”  Then, ask yourself, how can you give the gift you have been given?  You have it within you. When you focus on giving and serving, you eliminate self-doubt.

Be Legendary!