If you want to grow your revenue, you can’t count on “I always do it this way” to continue to work for you.  In order to grow and thrive, you must avoid “the perfect way” and instead focus on strategically innovating.

Know this, businesses that fail do so because things stop working.  Businesses die because they don’t change or grow and as a result, their industry and/or their customers outgrow them.  Is that the kind of business you want to be in?  (I don’t know about you but I’m a hard pass on that one.)

So, I think we can all agree we need to constantly learn and try new things on a regular basis.  The moment you say, “this is a perfect way” your business is at risk. You can say, “this is a perfect way this week,” and I will let you have that one.  But next week, you must find a way to do it better, ask the customer what s/he likes more, find a more efficient way, etc.  You are always innovating and iterating.  Always.

Your challenge today is to determine if you are a “this is a perfect way” kind of owner or if you are focused on creating raving fans and therefore are focused on exceeding their expectations.  Which one are you?  Once you determine your current state, commit to where you want to be and start moving down that pathway.

Be Legendary!