Don’t be the business owner that falls in love with his/her product.  You must fall in love with your customer in order to consistently answer this fundamental business question: What business do you need to be in?

The bottom line, the business you need to be in is the one your customer needs you to be in.  Let me share it with you from a perspective that hits home for me personally.  Do you know how many times I have adjusted, pivoted, and iterated in Legend Leaders?   If you don’t, go back and listen to all 365 episodes of the podcast from 2020.  Not only was I green in my skills but I was also green when it came to who I was talking to, why I was doing it, where I had come from, etc. All of those pieces were adjusted in 2020 and are still being adjusted even today.  And I keep asking myself the hard questions to help me grow Legend and serve those I am meant to serve.  

What business am I in?  I empower women who want to create a business, I arm current business owners with the strategies they need to in order to scale, and I teach corporate executives to become Legends in the corporate world.  I serve them all because I keep asking and answering the hard questions.

So that said, what business do YOU need to be in?

The point is this, I will keep iterating to be in the business I need to be in.  Most of us find one product we love and we get so focused on the product, we lose sight of the entire point of being in business, which is to serve and to share our gifts.  

Most people say, “Well, I just want to serve this group of people in this one way.”  And that’s fine.  But when that group of people changes, the industry changes, the economy changes, what are you going to do?   If you are constantly asking yourself, what business do I NEED to be in, then you will keep your finger on the pulse of your ideal clients, the industry, and the economy.  You will wake up each day feeling fulfilled because you know you are serving who you are meant to serve.

So what business do you need to be in?  Answer that today and move yourself and your business forward.

Be Legendary!