For the entire month of June, we are going to focus on selling.  That’s right, the ever-important aspect of generating revenue in your business.  Today we are focused on the idea of selling vs. serving.  I have touched on this before but let’s dive into it again as a quick refresher before we jump into other topics throughout the month. This is a quick one!

The reality is that many of us are fearful of selling.  We have this image in our mind of the “used car” salesman trying to make a buck, being dishonest, trying to simply get a sale at all costs, etc.  As you think about it, your stomach turns, you make a face of disgust, and you say, “heck no!” That image simply doesn’t align with who you are personally or your overall brand.  So what happens?

You decide you’re not going to sell. Instead, you try educating, encouraging, and bringing awareness when you interact with potential customers.  But without sales, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.  (Psst: which means you also have no income!)

We have always said that 80% of business is psychology, right?  So if you don’t think you can ask for the sale, or you think you will constantly go after the soft sale, you’re not going to generate consistent revenue.  It just doesn’t work.  So do this, instead of thinking “oh, I’m going to go sell my product,” think, “I’m going to offer this amazing service that solves a problem for my customer.”

Today’s challenge is to focus on serving. When you focus on solving a problem for your customer, you serve them. You are making their lives better! So stop thinking about selling. It’s not about you, it’s about your customer.  Give them what they need.

Be Legendary!