Why did you get into the business?  That is a super common question and one that quite frankly, you can probably answer in your sleep.  But today I am challenging you to go a step further, what is your passionate why?

Most people will say they got into business to gain freedom, financial independence, or because they wanted to prove a point.  While I am sure we can say we each feel those reasons to varying degrees, those are not the reasons that are going to keep us motivated and therefore in the business long term. 

If you don’t have a reason that’s bigger than you, a true mission you are trying to achieve, that makes you get out of bed in the morning, that forces you to keep going even when your brain is telling you to quit, if you don’t have that, you won’t make it.  And I say that to small business owners specifically because you are already in the thick of it and when you are small, this is when you feel this pain the most.  However, this applies to EVERY business owner.  If you don’t have a big enough why a purpose to drive you forward that’s bigger than you, you won’t make it in the long run. Because there really is no reason to “make it.”

Without a passionate why, when the world changes, the economy changes, the customer’s change, etc. it will become easier to quit than to push through.  The responsibility of a small business will become too draining, too taxing, and too stressful; which means the idea of working for someone will start to sound better and better. 

We have talked about various ways to keep your business viable.  Innovation.  Hiring.  Adapting.  All of those are important, but your mindset is just as important.  Tony Robbins says 80% of business success lies in the mindset of the owner.  If your mind isn’t right, you won’t succeed.

Your challenge today: sit down, get your journal, and find your purpose.  Ensure the business you own and are running will help you achieve your purpose. Your passionate why can’t be about money, or status, or a car, or the ability to say you are an entrepreneur, it’s got to be about you living out your purpose.  If you aren’t excited about your business if you aren’t passionate about it, why are you doing it?

What is your passionate why?

Be Legendary!