We continue to talk about the ever-changing world that we are living in.  And even if we weren’t in a pandemic environment, we would have fears.  We always have fears, both in our business and in our personal lives.  Fears will always be present. The question I have for you today is, what are you afraid of?

You see, you can allow your fears to do one of two things. You can either allow your fears to paralyze you or propel you forward.  If you recall, I did an episode several weeks ago about finding your new inner circle.  I’m finding that people are terrified of the changes occurring around them and they are allowing their fear to paralyze them.

I’m going to challenge you to NOT let that happen to you.  Do not freeze, do not stop, do not watch and wait.  Use your fear to move you forward.

How do you do that?  Usually fear is scary because it is an unknown.  Just like we have discussed in the past, when we name something, like our villain, for example, we take away her power.  Do the same with fear.  What are you afraid of?  Call it out.  Name it.  Write it down.  Acknowledge it.

Then, look at your worst-case scenario.  What’s the worst thing that could happen to me if this situation came true?  Look at that answer, search yourself for it.  When you do that, again, you take away the power that fear has and that bad situation.

This last piece is an action many of us rarely do, and that allows us to look at that fear and say “but what if the best thing happened?”  So do that.  Ask yourself what would happen if the opposite of the worst-case scenario occurred in this instance?

Guess what, by acknowledging your fear, outlining the best and worst-case scenarios, you have taken back your power.  The situation doesn’t seem to be as daunting, it doesn’t hold all of the power over you that it once had, and you can use your fear now to empower you as opposed to oppressing you.

Each day we live with our fears.  But we have to take action if we are going to be successful if we are going to be the business leaders we need to be, the moms, the wives, the girlfriends, the best friends, the daughters, the change generators we need to be.  So if you are afraid, realize, you can still be afraid, but you can’t be frozen.

Be Legendary!