Are you showing up confident and certain on your sales calls?  You know I have said, and Tony Robbins says, that the person with the most certainty in a conversation will have the most influence.  Right?  Certainty wins.

 If I got on this episode right now and I said, “Well you know, I kinda want to teach you about sales calls.  You see, they are sort of important.  And if you want to have a successful business, you might want to take my word for it.”

Do you think you would keep listening to me?  Heck no!  Why would you waste your time?  Unfortunately, this is exactly how many business owners are showing up to their sales calls in their business.  YIKES!

How do you show up with certainty?  

 Focus on service, not selling.  Mindset is everything.  If you believe in your product/service and believe in how you are serving, then you are certain. 

How certain are you when you enter into a sales call?  Are you worried about selling?  Are you feeling bad for taking someone’s money?  Are you stressed that your product isn’t where you want it to be, so you are hesitant to ask for the sale right now?  Do you doubt yourself and your ability to run the business, which then shines through in the conversation?

You know, my coach tells me this all of the time, “Katrina, who are you going to show up as?  For this part of your life, which character do you need to play?”  And you know what, she’s right.  The person I am when I’m at home with my family isn’t the person I must be on a sales call.  Those are two totally different sides of me, which is completely normal!  

Your challenge today is to decide which part of you needs to show up and be your salesperson.  To be certain and have influence over the potential client (in a positive way of course), decide who you must be in order to be successful. Then go a step further, what is his/her name?   Give your inner salesperson a name; a name that conveys confidence, certainty, and service. 

Before you show up on your next sales call, remember that name, call on him/her, and be that person!

Be Legendary!