We are keeping with the sales theme today and we going to talk about listening!  You must use your listening skills if you want to have a successful sales call.

Have you ever been to a car dealership or in a store and the salesperson kept trying to sell you what she likes or thinks you need? Or maybe your mom or your grandmother asked what you wanted on your dinner plate from the family buffet and then she simply disregarded everything you said and gave you what she thought was best?    

How did that make you feel? Not great, right? You do not want to be that person to your customer.  Just like you don’t want a soft sell, you also don’t want a pushy, aggressive, “I know what you need better than you do,” type of business leader.  

The salesperson inside of you must listen to the potential customer.  You can’t understand their pain points, their needs or their wants, and what makes them tick if you aren’t listening.  When we don’t listen, we can’t serve. It’s that simple.

Listening is critical to your sales calls.  How do you do that?  How do you listen?

You ask a question and you sit quietly!  It’s really that simple.  Listen.  Take notes.  Write down the words they use so you can use those same words back to them.  Listening will allow you to connect but you must be willing to do it. 

How do you know if you’re listening properly?  Do a practice sales call with a friend. They will quickly tell you if you are listening or not–because they will tell you if they felt HEARD.  That’s your goal, to ensure your customer feels heard.

How are you going to show up on your sales calls?  What do you need to change, improve on, or keep doing to be an active listener?

Be Legendary!