Yesterday we talked about figuring out what our customer needs/wants.  We have to understand that in order to resolve their pain with our product.  Today, we need to answer the question: how do you find your customer?  

What if you are just starting out,  you have an amazing idea, and you are trying to put together a business.  You think you know who your customer is, you have an idea of what they want and how you can give them both what they want and need, but you need to validate it.  You just need to find your customer .  . . where do you look?

If you are a brick-and-mortar location, get involved with the local Chamber of Commerce.   The business owners in the city should all be involved and you can support each other.  From there, you can learn where your customers would be located throughout your town, how you would best get their feedback, etc.

If you want to find your customer online, focus on social media.  Based on the age of your customer, you’re going to find them using different apps.   Most people tend to use Facebook, with the 30 year old + group using it more so than other apps while your younger customer uses more Instagram, TikTok, etc.  You can use all of those platforms, but if your customer base is 50 years old for example, realize that the bulk of your customers may not be on TikTok.  Some, yes, but . . . the data says probably not a lot. So spend your time wisely.

For Facebook, go find and join the Facebook groups that your customer would join.  There are tens of thousands of groups out there now.   Facebook is really leaning into groups as one of their business strategies.  So search for the pain/issue your customer has as a group.   Find the groups that best support your ideal customer.  

Once in there, ask questions and answer questions.  Give support and seek to understand.  Remember, yesterday we talked about figuring out what your customer needs/wants.  This is where you can find the answers to those questions.  

Be Legendary!