This is the final episode as we wrap up the month of June and our mini-series on sales calls.  We have already talked about naming the salesperson inside of you.  Today let’s dive into the idea of stepping into your sales persona.  How exactly do you do it?

When I was in pharmacy school I would listen to the same type of music driving to school each morning.  I would get myself hyped up and ready to go, taking myself to this place of an unstoppable mindset.  By the time I arrived, I was so pumped and ready for the day that I learned a tremendous amount with what felt like very little effort. What I didn’t consciously understand at the time is that I was getting myself into what Tony Robbins calls “state.”  Nothing was going to stop me from getting into the classroom and soaking up that knowledge. Just like nothing stops me now when I get into state. 

That’s where you need to be.  You must get yourself into the state, the state of being your sales persona.  How do you do that?  The easiest way is to first, change your physiology.  Move your body, drink some water, dance around, stretch, take a 10-minute walk, sing a song. You decide what the activity is, the point is that it is an actual activity that makes your body move and makes you feel good.

The next thing you need to do is set your focus.  What are you focused on?  If you are focused on your dog getting out of the backyard fence are you going to close the sale?  No. Your focus needs to be on all the things we have talked about in the previous episodes: serving, listening, etc.

Realize this, some people focus on “getting the sale” and unfortunately that’s the type of sales individuals we probably aren’t fans of.  If you focus on “serving and making someone’s life better, because you KNOW you can and you must,” then that’s what you will make happen.

Last but not least, words matter. If you are moving your body, focused on serving and you are saying to yourself, “Well, I might help someone and close this today” you’re not going to close it.  If you say, “Maybe I will show up as my best self.” You’re not going to show up as your best self. Why? Because the words you use are your mind’s reality, which means you must use empowering words.  “I am here to serve!  I am here to listen and support you!  I am going to improve this person’s life.”  WORDS matter!  Tell yourself who you are and what you will do and your mind has no choice but to make that reality.

Today, practice getting into state and turning into the salesperson you have created within yourself!  Step into your sales persona and start serving, listening, and converting those potential customers to customers!

Be Legendary!