I think this is the last episode, at least the last one this week, focusing on the customer.  😁. The customer is why we do everything we do, right?   So you will find that I love talking about the customer.  Building trust and talking about the customer are my two favorite subjects.   So you know I had to combine them at some point!  I have talked about trust before with the customer, but today I want to answer the question; how do you build trust with a potential customer?

In previous episodes, I have addressed the trust aspect with current customers.  Today, let’s talk about the same customers you have found either through your local chamber or most likely, in today’s environment, through social media.  

You have worked hard to first find them in the millions of people on social media.  Then you started working to figure out the pain your product is going to solve for them.  You have learned what they need and what they want.  You also figured out how to connect with them, by being you and speaking their language.  

All of these actions build you up as an expert.  This in essence will start to build trust in you within that community.  

In addition to these actions, there is one additional action you can take to build trust.  It’s something you have been doing in your social media interactions already; you’re probably not even thinking about it.   

Give more than you receive.

As we have already talked about in other episodes, when you are interacting with others within social media, you are going to ask questions to learn about your customer.  At the same time, you are going to answer their questions.  You are going to support them as much as you possibly can.  Why?  Because you can!  Because you have the answers.

Now, you’re not going to give away your product, that’s not the goal here.  What you are going to do is give answers, support, and encouragement, more so than you take from the group.  Be known as the business leader that is a giver of support. This builds trust. 

We can all see through people who are out to get something for themselves.  So before you engage in the group, think about why you are joining.  Think about what you can give equally as much as what you can gain.  

So while I spent an entire episode teaching you how to get what you need out of the group, so too am I spending an entire episode teaching you how to give back in order to build trust.  Remember that you can generate organic traffic from these social media interactions if you work through these interactions correctly.  

So how are you going to build trust in your social media interactions?  It’s not going to happen overnight.  But just remember, give as much as you want to get,  if not more.  You will be seen as a trusted expert.  

Be Legendary!