Let’s talk business.  I want to help you nail down your target audience.  For me, this has changed over a year’s time and it was through lots of money spent on advertising, training, mentoring, etc. that I finally figured it out.  My goal is to share with you my lightbulb moment so you can use it to run that much faster.

You. may think that finding your target audience is easy.  You know what you want to sell and so you know who would buy it.  But I will tell you that narrowing that audience down is much harder than you realize. And even when you think you have it narrowed, you can take it down even further!

I share this with you to say that finding your audience may be super easy, but it may also be one of the hardest business decisions you make. For me, I thought I had it nailed.  I was going to help women business owners take their growth/mature phased businesses and teach them the AIR2 Framework so they could become even more efficient.   But I came to realize that they weren’t ready to learn the AIR2 Framework because in some instances, they didn’t have a solid business foundation.

So I adjusted and started helping women with startups generate cash flow and establish the 9 fundamental pillars of business, Mastering the 9 as we call it at Legend Leaders.  

But that still didn’t feel right to me in my gut.  At that point, I finally landed on the key question that I had to ask myself if I was going to find the answer I needed.   I’m sharing that question with you so you can use it and finalize your target audience.

Who could I sit in a room with and talk to for 2 hours? 

Who could I talk to that would get what I was sharing with very little foundational training because they already had some of that knowledge, my direct personality would connect with them, they know business is hard and they will put in the effort, they understand how corporate is different than a startup, and they would want to grow a large, impactful business? Who would I support that would have me so excited that I would wake up each morning saying “I GET to” help these amazing women!?

Asking that one question in that way has led me to the group of women that I wake up to each day excited to help!  Corporate female leaders who want to go from corporate to confident entrepreneur.  From there we can talk cash flow, Mastering the 9, AIR2 Framework, etc. I finally figured out my target audience and I know I can spend hours, days, years even, talking to these women and I can support them, make a difference, and mentor them to success.

If you have started your business and you aren’t getting much response, or you are about to start your business, make sure you have your audience right.  If you don’t, you will spend money without a return. You will create products and ads and assets that won’t move you forward.  You will spend your most valuable asset, time, trying to figure out something you already know the answer to if you simply ask yourself the right questions.

That’s your challenge today, ensure your target audience is right for your business and if it’s not, ask the questions I have shared with you and pivot accordingly.  You’ve got this!

Be Legendary!