This is the very first episode in a series of 11, where we are going to walk through the top 10 mistakes preventing female business leaders from generating strong revenue, and when I say strong I mean a million dollars plus. 

I know that sounds crazy. And I know it’s baffling because we’re all running a business in some capacity.  But I posted an article on several of my social media pages recently.  It was an article that came out in January in Entrepreneur Magazine focused on the top 10 mistakes that keep women from scaling to a million dollars in their businesses.  I have gotten some different comments on the article so wanted to do a mini-series on this topic and tell you what I see specifically within each of these 10 mistakes so that you can change those habits or avoid them altogether.  I think it’s super powerful, and it’s something that we teach all the time at Legend Leaders.  As a matter of fact, the entire point of Legend is to help you, a female business leader, overcome any barriers in your way so that you can create the business that you want and live the life you deserve. 

What happens the bulk of the time though, is that we as women, get out into the business world, and we try to apply what we know, using our assumptions of what we think business is like. We end up struggling because there are different pitfalls that we have within ourselves, that either we’ve told ourselves or, in full transparency, that society has told us, and we let those beliefs hold us back.

This entire mini-series is going to focus on some of those mindset pitfalls, some of the things that we think we have interpreted to be true in business simply aren’t true.

The reason I am motivated to share this with you is due to this staggering fact.

As of 2018, 40% of all U.S.-owned businesses are owned by women.

Yet of that 40%, only 1.2% of them are generating over a million dollars of annual revenue. 

However, 9% of all small businesses in the US earned over a million dollars, which means we as women are well behind our male counterparts.  

Naturally, we have to solve this, because we are 100% capable of earning this type of revenue.   And we need to solve why we are not seeing it.

So, we are going to spend the time over these 11 total episodes understanding the most common mistakes, pitfalls, and missteps that are holding us back as female business leaders so that we can expand that 1.2% and move our businesses forward.

Join me for the rest of the series.

Be Legendary!