We are dedicating the entire month of August to the concept of “finding your voice.”  This episode is specifically focused on finding your voice on social media.

If you have spent any time listening to previous episodes you will know that I have struggled with social media. I seriously have zero desire to share every thought I have with the world.  Because most of our social media experiences start out with us feeling like we must keep up with others around us, I created rules in my mind that prevented me from wanting to work within the social media space. I would tell myself, “You can’t make a mistake, you have to say the perfect words” or “I’m still trying to figure out my messaging and I don’t want to get it wrong.” The normal demands I placed on myself to be perfect were amplified seeing everyone else is perfect. So I just avoided really saying too much on social media. I hired a social media team to help me out, but I struggled to tell them the messaging I wanted them to share.

I had to realize that social media is a tool and that I must use that tool to share my message and Recently, I stepped back and changed my mindset about social media. It’s just a tool that I’m never going to be perfect at using but will use to advocate for the women I serve. When I show up on the podcasts or the Youtube channel and I worry about what people think of me, I have already lost.  Why?  Because it isn’t about me.  It’s about serving. I’m here to share information, teach, train, empower, and serve. I can’t mess up when I serve. Social media is simply a way to use my voice and serve. And how do I find my voice on social media? I simply share my knowledge, advocate, and serve. It’s a work in progress, and it always will be. I will continually find my voice in this space.

Will I have people still judge?  Of course. But when I’m serving, do I care?  Not one bit. 

As you work to find your voice, your brand, your communication style, stay true to you.  Don’t focus on being perfect.  Don’t worry about the judgment. Focus on using your voice to connect with those you are here to advocate for, to serve, and to support, and then go and do that. Accept that your voice will consistently grow and change and that social media is simply another platform to allow that to happen.

Be Legendary!