Welcome to episode number three in a series of 11, focusing on the mistakes we make as women that prevent us from making money and moving our businesses to over a million dollars a year in revenue. Yesterday, we talked about perfectionism. If you haven’t checked it out, please go listen to it. Today’s episode is focused on the sales automation mistake that is holding us back in our businesses. 

Today you are challenged to look at your business and determine how much of the sales coming into the business is personally generated by you.  If you went on vacation for a week or were completely unplugged, could your business still generate sales without you?  If the answer is no, that’s the sales automation mistake.

From being the advertiser to generate organic traffic to being the email automation tool that manually sends emails to every current or potential customer, you can’t be “everything” in your business. You will only generate as many sales as you can personally create.

Look for automation tools like paid Facebook ads, ClickFunnels for your landing page (to present your offer), email marketing tools for automated emails like ActiveCampaign, etc.

Remember that it takes 3-7 views of your product and your brand before someone will engage and purchase what you are selling.  If you are having to remember to manually follow up with the same person 3-7 times, you aren’t going to generate the revenue you want to see.  That’s simply too much to manage and that in and of itself is a full-time job.

You should be able to make money while you sleep.  If you can’t, this is a rate-limiting step, preventing you from increasing your revenue. 

So again, you have to look at your business and confirm you are not making the sales automation mistake.  Do you have the tools you need?  If not, now you know where to go to get yourself on track.

Be Legendary!