This month we are focused on the topic I’m calling “finding your voice.”  Today is all about finding your voice through effective communication. In other words, how do I find my voice and use it in my various communication pathways?

We kicked off the month talking about finding your voice through social media and last week we discussed why we shouldn’t apologize for showing up.   Check those episodes out if you have missed them because today I’m answering your amazing questions as it relates to “how” you find your voice. 

The overall threshold point, where you must change, where you must share your voice no matter the cost, is when you decide that you love your customers so much that you have no choice but to be yourself. Remember, when we serve we aren’t worried about ourselves. When we serve, we are focused on those we are serving. When you realize that the only way you can serve your ideal customer is by being you, that’s when you not only figure out your communication style, but you embrace it.

What are two key steps to arriving at this threshold point?

  1. Be authentic.  You may not be a funny person at your core.  Or, you may not be a serious person all of the time, maybe you are a jokester.  The key here is that is no wrong answer, as long as you are being you and you adopt your true method as your brand you’re good.  People want to feel like a company’s communication is human, speaks to them, and pulls them into the discussion.  The only way you can build that human connection is to be your true self.
  2. Simply talk to your customer and be helpful; connect! No one wants to feel like they are being pitched an offer every time they open their phone nor do you want to constantly communicate about a product. Many times I have had clients saying to me, “I can’t find my voice because I’m not a sales person.” First, you are a sales person (go listen to the previous episodes to remind yourself of that), but second, a sales person isn’t always selling. A good salesperson builds rapport, connects, and most importantly, they help their customer with their problem. Focus on giving instead of selling the majority of the time and you will be inherently comfortable sharing your own voice.

If you are struggling to feel confident in your communication style, remember: be authentic and focus on connecting.

Be Legendary!