This is the last episode in the August series “finding your voice.” This topic is one that I absolutely want you to dive into wholeheartedly because it is centered on finding your voice by knowing you are worthy.  

We all worry that we can’t be who we are at our core because we were told we weren’t enough in a past experience. So therefore we don’t feel like we can share our voice and be recognized for it in our business, nor can we achieve success because when we were our true selves in the past, it didn’t work out.

How many times and by whom have you been told that you are simply “too much?” We must stop believing the crap our past bosses, current bosses, ex’s, family, 5th grade “best friend,” etc. have told us. When someone makes that a negative instead of a positive, we find ourselves wanting to hide our gifts, our greatness, and truly . . . ourselves.  Why?  Because when we didn’t hide it, when we shared it with the assumption that it would be supported and appreciated, the door was slammed in our face.  None of us want to deal with that again! So we either hide our gifts or we assume our gifts are gaps and we try to “work on them.”

Let me tell you, maybe that person or those individuals didn’t appreciate your voice. Maybe the person you were 2 years ago or even 2 seconds ago wasn’t the right YOU to move forward, but the person you are right now can make it happen. The person you are in this moment has the perfect voice that her potential customers need to hear.  The person you are right now can make your business successful.

You are worth it and you are worthy of it!

Do not let someone else’s insecurities, their rules, their view of how the world should work, etc., hold you back from sharing your gifts, your voice, and your talents.  There is no “wrong way” for you to be you.

Don’t let your past dictate your future.  Use your gifts and use your voice.

Be Legendary!