It’s the first day of September which means we are kicking off a new month and also a new topic: embracing your “too much” self.  That’s right, let’s embrace it!  This entire month we are going to walk through various situations where your “too much” capabilities are going to potentially cause issues for you if you don’t embrace them properly.

My biological parents are divorced.  Growing up I would go see my biological father from time to time.  On a visit to see him and his family, when I was probably around 9 years old, I was told, “You have ugly toes and feet like your dad.”  That was it.  I was crushed. Never had I looked at feet and thought “What do pretty feet look like?”  I have average size feet, my toes are the normal size, etc.  They are just normal feet.  What are feet supposed to look like? All of these questions I never thought to ask, I started asking myself. From that point forward, I refused to wear flip-flops or anything that showed my toes. I’m not talking about for a few weeks, I’m talking years.  In my head, I had ugly feet.  I disliked feet in general from that point forward.  That moment when I was told something was “wrong with me” was the moment I questioned pieces about myself that I couldn’t change, and never knew I needed to change until then.

The same holds true with you and your leadership.  If you are surprised by the feedback, you tend to be hurt by it. This then takes you to a position of wanting to change. However, if you expect various comments about who you are and how you lead, then there is less of a desire to automatically change without thinking through the situation. 

What I want you to do today is prepare yourself for the feedback.  It could be that you are too smart, too strong, too quick at solving problems, too pretty even, or all of the above.   You know I have a southern accent and I talk fast.  If you gave me that feedback I would smile and say, “I sure do.”  Because I’m ready for that feedback, positive or negative.  You need to be in a place where you can say, “I am too much, thank you!”

I would rather be too much than not enough.

Today, you are going to embrace your “too much” nature, your “too much” self.  You are going to stand proud of it.  You’re not going to let someone steal your light. You own it, for all that it does to serve you and more.   What has you been told you are “too much” of in your career?  How have you been trying to “fix it” instead of embracing it?  Make the mental shift today.

Be Legendary!