We are continuing on with our mini-series focused on helping female business leaders avoid mistakes and take their businesses to over a million dollars a year in revenue. Today we are talking about the isolation mistake.

What is the isolation mistake?  It’s pretty simple, we simply decide that we’ve “got this” and so we don’t ask for help, seek out a mentor, look for a coach, or in any capacity acknowledge that there is someone out there that could help us. 

Call it pride because we are so used to solving all of the problems around us anyway, we might as well solve these too.   Or call it problem avoidance because we are so used to not quite hitting the mark, be it with forgetting someone’s name or forgetting to run by the store this afternoon, that we simply excuse our behavior, downplay it, and move on.  

Whatever the reason is, we don’t ask for help when we should be.  You see, we know we can make it around the pothole in the road when we drive upon it. But what we aren’t readily acknowledging is that a coach, someone who truly has been there done that, is going to help you tremendously!  


Your coach is going to tell you, “Hey, instead of going 25 mph down the road so you can avoid the potholes as you arrive at them, go 55 mph and let me tell you what the potholes of business looks like, when you are going to find them on your journey, and how you avoid them so you can continue to go at a faster speed and get to your destination without issues or delays.”

That’s what a coach does for you.  A coach helps you go faster, get results faster, and they allow you to learn from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones.

Why not, right?  Is there any of that that you wouldn’t want to have?   Of course not.

So look in the mirror today and decide if you are making the isolation mistake.  Are you trying to navigate this world all on your own?   Are you slowing yourself down and preventing your ability to scale and generate solid revenue as a result?  You know how to fix that.  Find a coach. 

Legend Leaders is always here to help!

Be Legendary!