This entire month we are diving into the topic of embracing your “too much” self. We have walked through selectively acting on the feedback you receive, properly interacting with the feedback giver, and today, we are tackling the elephant in the room. We always wonder, is it really us or is it them? To find the answer to that question, we have to ask ourselves: do I fit into the company’s culture?

When I meet with clients they say, “Katrina, how do I KNOW the company is not right for me?”  It’s kind of like asking someone, “Should I leave my marriage?” No one wants to tell you what to do because that’s a life-altering decision. At the same time, it IS a life-altering decision and maybe you need to alter your life.  Maybe that is your next chapter.  So how do you know?  There are a series of questions I ask my clients when we are working together. Let me share them with you so you can go through a similar exercise.

1.  What is your “why?”  What is your compelling reason for waking up and pushing forward each day? Write down your answers. Journal it until you have a clear sense of your purpose and your reasons for doing the things you do.

2. Now that you have your “why” clearly defined, are you able to deliver on your “why” in your current role? 

3. Are you fulfilled?  Is the company meeting your needs?  Be honest with yourself on this one. If the company is meeting your needs, awesome. if it is not, companies don’t typically change to fit one or two people. Those one or two people either have to change or leave. That is why these questions are critically important to answer honestly.

4. Are you being allowed to use your gifts and be your true self?

Know this, if you can’t be your true self, if you are having to change who you are at your core, if you aren’t fulfilled and you aren’t living you’re why, my recommendation in general, is to find another path.  This path you’re on isn’t meant to be yours.  No matter how hard you try, the organization won’t change and therefore you will not be happy. You will spend day after day trying to change, trying to be satisfied, striving for achievements that leave you feeling empty, etc.

While the other leaders around you may be happy, you can’t play by someone else’s rules or fit in someone else’s shoes.  You are you.  You have one life, this life.  And you need to live it and give your gifts.  No matter how scary the idea of change is, wouldn’t you agree that it’s much scarier to spend the next 40 years being miserable?

Today you must answer these questions honestly.  And if you are unsure, send me a DM on social media or send me an email ( and let’s talk through it.

Be Legendary!