This is episode number nine, in a mini-series of 11 where we’re talking through the mistakes that female business leaders make that prevent us from taking our business to over a million dollars a year in revenue. These are some pretty fundamental things that we’ve been talking about. But at the same time, they are very impactful.  Today’s topic is the inaction mistake.

You see, business leaders have to be action takers.  You have to be willing to take the risk, step out into the spotlight, and make it happen.  Do we need to be able to do research, ask questions, think,  be strategic, formulate plans, and create a vision?  Absolutely!  We must be able to create our plan.  But once the plan is good (it doesn’t have to be great, just good), we have to step forward and take action on our plans.

Customers cannot and will not pay for an idea that is only in our heads.  We have to take that idea, the solution to their problems, and take action to get it in front of that customer. Then continue to take action to tweak, perfect, and improve that product and that offer if we want to generate revenue.

Now, this is logical and it’s an obvious need in the business.  But you will be surprised at how very few people actually do this.  They think they are taking action by working emails, talking on the phone, getting opinions, etc.  And while all of that is work, that’s 5% of the action you need to take in your business to truly generate sustainable revenue.  

You must take the action of prioritizing your time and creating a productivity plan.  Then, you must commit and take action around that exact plan.  You also can’t let the worry of perfectionism creep in and derail you from taking action either.

You have to figure out today, are you an action taker (a doer) or are you more of an innovator (an ideas person)?   You need both in a business.  Understanding where you sit and which pathway you lean more towards will help ensure you bring in your spouse, best friend, coach, or even a business partner to help you do the action pieces that are required in a business in order to get the revenue you are looking to deliver.

Be Legendary!