You have made it through to the very last episode in this mini-series, episode 11 of 11, where we have been talking about the 10 most common mistakes we, as female business leaders make, that prevent our businesses from generating a million dollars plus in revenue a year.  This last mistake of the 10 most common mistakes is the personal growth mistake.

Plain and simple, you have to invest in yourself.  The reason is that you are not the person today, that you need to be in order to run and lead a $1 million company.  That doesn’t make you a bad person or an incapable person, it simply means you are developing yourself while you are developing your company.

If you don’t develop yourself, you will not have the foundational knowledge you need to make the right decisions for your business.  You, yet again, become the rate-limiting step when it comes to your company’s growth.  

So the challenge today is this, to prevent this 10th mistake, create a priority around learning, growing, and developing yourself.  When you get a coach/mentor, they will create a development plan for you.  (If they don’t, they are not a coach they are a cheerleader and that’s not what you need.). If you don’t yet have a coach, you can create your own development plan.  Pick a topic you are going to learn more about for an entire month.  For example, for the entire month of September, I want to learn more about marketing funnels.  

Then, for the entire month of September, you are reading books, blogs, articles, listening to podcasts, attending webinars, seminars, or workshops, and expanding your knowledge about marketing funnels.  Such that at the end of the month, you should have a solid knowledge foundation, you have developed yourself into a person who can help your business navigate and execute marketing funnels.  That’s the goal.

You cannot be “too busy” running the business that you don’t grow yourself to be the business leader your business needs you to be.  You cannot slow your own business growth by being the rate-limiting step.  If you haven’t picked up a book or engaged in some business content in several months (outside of this podcast), you are making a personal growth mistake.  So let’s resolve it!

Be Legendary!