When I started Legend several years ago, I had some amazing ideas for all of the work I wanted to do and how I wanted to support my clients.  After months of working hard and being strategic, I realized what I am going to tell you today, you need to pick a pathway.

You see, I would get emails, invitations to webinars and workshops, etc.  And in each one of them, I would take tons of notes, write down ideas for how I could apply that in Legend, and I create my business plan.  I had ideas about memberships, webinars, workshops, week-long mastermind events, etc.  I realized that I enjoyed being in that entrepreneurial creative space.  Not only that, I really want Legend to provide the services my clients need.

But in reality, I was spending so much time reading, learning, digesting, and planning, that I wasn’t executing!  So all I was doing was getting excited about the plans I had created but couldn’t execute on until a year plus from now, which doesn’t work when you are in the startup.

So here is my advice to you if you are in a similar boat.  Create an email folder in your email that is called “future ideas.”  Whether you get the email or you send yourself the email with the idea, file that info in that folder.  It serves a two-fold purpose.  

1.  All of those ideas are in that folder.  This means they aren’t lost, they aren’t going anywhere, and you can go back to them when you are ready.  

2.  Your brain can now focus on what you truly need to be doing in the present moment.   You see if you spend time mapping out a strategy for what you want to accomplish 6 months from now, but your business pathway changes during that time, you wasted 2 days of strategic planning over something that you will never use.  At this point, you don’t have time to waste.

Go execute in your business.  Pick your one idea, your one product, and start validating that one idea.  After you have done that and you have scaled it, go back and look at the other ideas in your email folder. Then you can focus on those new pathways and it will be time well spent.

Be Legendary!