During networking events and when talking to potential clients I inevitably get asked, what do Legend Leaders do exactly?  Who do you serve? These questions continue to prompt me to share those details and facets of the business with you so that not only can you learn more about Legend, but so that you can hone this same information about your business in order to better serve your potential clients.  

Who do we help?  I have said it a thousand different ways over the past 4 years and have honed it in more and more with each passing day.  While Legend serves a variety of people, we focus on two specific types of female leaders.  The first is a female leader in the corporate world who has been told she is too much.  When you’re told you’re too much, it’s essentially being told you’re not enough because either way, you have something to “fix.”  It’s tough to navigate the corporate landscape, to begin with, then add dealing with that feedback and you make success almost impossible. At Legend, we support amazing executive women and help them succeed in the corporate world while creating a Legendary Life, a life on their terms.

The second group of female leaders we support are women who have decided to leave the corporate world and start their own businesses.  Tired of playing by the rules of others, knowing that the rules that benefit those “others” actually hold you back, many women are taking their gifts and sharing them with the world in a way that generates direct revenue.  These women have been told they are too much but they know that too much in the corporate world is just right in the entrepreneurial world.  We help these women get out of their heads and trust the track record of success they have generated corporately, and carry that into their own businesses. Running a business can be hard at times, but many times we are looking for something we have missed.  We think “It seriously cannot be this simple.  What am I missing?”  Feeling like we have missed something, we go on a quest to find that missing piece.  We are constantly searching for something instead of trusting what we already know.  At Legend, we close the knowledge gaps where needed and reinforce what these talented entrepreneurs already know.

For both groups, we have 3 pillars that we teach.  Personal leadership, business leadership, and people leadership.  You need all 3 of these pillars to bFor both of these leaders, we have 3 pillars that we teach to support them: personal leadership, business leadership, and people leadership.  You need all 3 of these pillars to be successful in business, no matter your role.  We change some of the pieces and parts depending on where each woman is in her career and overall journey, but the pillars are the same. 

This is Legend Leaders.  

Who do you serve?

Your challenge today is to determine who you serve and be able to speak it so very clearly that people know when you are speaking to them.  

Be Legendary!