This month on the Legendary Leaders podcast we have been talking about what we do, who we serve, and how we serve at Legend Leaders.  Last week we talked about the first of our three fundamental pillars. Today, let’s talk about the second pillar, guiding you to develop your business leadership.

As a company that defines ourselves as business strategists, you probably thought this is our primary pillar.  As you learned last week, if your mind isn’t right, you won’t be able to apply the business strategies we arm you with. (Listen to last week’s episode to learn more.)

Within the business pillar, everything we teach truly encompasses all things business. Fundamentally we start by creating a strategic plan, timelines, assigning ownership, providing training, and supporting your business execution of that plan in order to deliver to your KPIs. We teach you effective strategies along the way, that when executed, ensure your success.

This pillar is of course one of our favorite pillars because we get to roll up our sleeves and be your Chief Strategy Officer, sharing ideas, methods, and solutions that help you execute with confidence.

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Your challenge is to keep working on your business pillar and defining it to your ideal customer in your refresh. (Your business pillar is what you are primarily known for). Get feedback from your ideal clients on how your message is landing and adjust as you go.

Be Legendary!