Many companies, especially companies in the mature and evolution phases, are going through a reorganization right now.  (Remember, these are the businesses that are super specialized in their staffing, have multiple layers of leadership, several product lines, etc.)  As your business gets bigger and the economy or the industry takes a downturn, the need to reorganize your headcount can present itself.  This 8-part mini-series is going to focus on the strategies for going through a reorganization. 

The first question I get most commonly when discussion reorgs is, “Katrina, why do companies choose to go through a restructure?”  The answer to this is because reorgs happen to companies that need to save money. They are spending more than they are making, which doesn’t work in business.  In order to reduce expenses, they look to their largest expense line on the P&L, which is payroll.  If they can reduce labor in the right capacity, they can still generate solid revenue and also save money.  This is their aim.

If you are a mature or evolving business and you are considering a restructure, continue listening to this mini-series.  If you are a startup or a growth business or if you are not currently considering a reorganization, listen to this mini-series anyway.  The strategies you learn here are tactics you can start executing as you approach the mature phase in your business.  Then, should you ever need to restructure, you can do so quickly and appropriately.

Be Legendary!

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