It’s the end of the month and the end of our series focusing on how we support you here at Legend Leaders.  We are diving into our last of our three pillars, it’s our People Leadership pillar.  Let’s talk about developing your people leadership, shall we?

Whether you are leading a corporate team, creating a brand new team, or being that team of one, business is all about people.  When you reach executive status or are the CEO of your own business, you must know how to effectively work with people in order to get the job done.  In order to truly live life on your terms, you must have other people helping you achieve your mission. 

While none of this is a surprise to you, what is surprising to a lot of clients is how easy it is to lead people and yet how hard it has been for them in the past to be an effective leader. The majority of people leader growth is done when we make mistakes. Yet making mistakes in this area of our business can be a career-ending decision. Why not learn from the mistakes of others? That’s what we teach you (and help you circumvent the mistakes) here at Legend Leaders.

Once you have your mental clarity (i.e., personal leadership), once you know where you want the business to go (i.e., business leadership), then you can recruit, help, and lead a team of people to help achieve that mission (people leadership).  Knowing what your team wants and needs and understanding how you can meet those needs is critical to your leadership success.

We arm you with the simple, logical strategies that you can execute while still allowing you to be yourself.  We find over and over and over again that a stressful life comes in part from the lack of properly leading direct reports or properly hiring the right talent to support you.  When you truly have a team of qualified doers around you, life on your terms becomes achievable.

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