In today’s episode, we are focusing on the strategies for a successful restructuring.  In this 5th episode, we are going to dive into why you need to involve your leaders if you want the reorg to happen successfully.

Remember, you need your leaders to execute the reorganization plan. While you may be the idea generator, they are the doers.  The doers in your organization have to understand why they are doing what they are doing and how it benefits the people and the company.  They have to be bought in. You can’t get buy-in after a 1-hour conversation.  They have to have a chance to engage, ask questions, share suggestions, and take part in owning the decisions that are being made.  Then, they will own the message and execute it as needed.

Beyond this, the leadership group is valuable to you, as always. They should be your sounding board.  Listen to them.  Allow them to suggest ideas, push back, and provide clarifying details.  You’re not going to get everything right.  And, you’ve never created a plan completely by yourself in your business in recent years (especially as a mature or evolving business), right?   Why would you start now?  Keep involving your team.

Saying you aren’t going to loop in your leadership team or allow them to weigh in due to “time constraints” is just another weak leadership comment.  You are stronger when you work together and allow your leaders to have a voice.

If you start allowing for this now, this will be second nature should you ever get into a reorganization situation.

Be Legendary!