Your year in review and your roadmap, this is our topic for the month.  You have been moving right along in you roadmap building process.  From pulling and assessing performance to targets, to determining which KPIs to keep/remove, to the basic fundamentals you must fix next year, you are moving closer and closer to your finalized plan. 

Now you must answer the question: where do you want to be next year? While that question may seem daunting in the beginning, know that it isn’t.  Each year you are given or set targets in your business.  How do you do that?  By aligning to the vision created by you or the company leadership.   

As a corporate leader, no doubt your company has defined this for you and at this point, so your challenge is to simply review those details.  Then ask yourself questions like:

Are these the same types of targets as last year, just amplified?  

Are there new targets/goals?  

 How much revenue am I expected to generate/expenses to reduce?  

How many team members are projected on my team?  

Systematically, how do I deliver on each of those targets?

Based on the targets, will there be new levers, new metrics, new KPIs that you will need to measure?  

Has that already been set up for you or will you need to ask your IS team to create new reporting for you?  

Your KPIs and metrics are your tools, your road signs, your landmarks if you will, to help you determine if you are going in the right direction or if you need to take a detour.  Establish them now.  Get them rock-solid to set you up for success. 

Make your final list of KPIs that you must focus on and deliver to next year based on the company vision and established targets. Know where you and your team must focus in order to win.  Don’t back down, don’t shy away, don’t “get close.”  Be extremely clear.  Your team is going to dive into this later, but you must be clear now so you can guide them.  If you don’t like details, this exercise could be painful. But rest assured, it’s worth it.

Be Legendary!