In this seventh episode, we are going to talk about fast and clear communication as a key strategy to successfully reorganizing your business and team.  The key here is to put yourself in the shoes of your employees.  

Many times we say that it’s best to communicate face to face, or at least on camera.  The need to see expressions, hear tone and inflections, all of those pieces are critical when it comes to important conversations.  However, in this instance, the goal is to ensure people have access to the information as quickly as possible.  How long will it take you to communicate verbally with 500 people vs. emailing 500 people?  You get the point.

The worry and the stress of the situation are much worse than the answer.  To provide those answers to your employees as quickly as possible. Don’t make sweeping promises in the process.  Don’t use words like “never” or “always” as those are too strong and typically those promises get broken.  Be honest.  Be clear.  And share the details around the changes.

Let them know what is going on in the business.   They already know the business isn’t doing well if you share the daily performance results with them.  So don’t hide the actions you are going to take.  If they see the business underperform for 2-3 months and yet you aren’t saying anything about it, they are going to start stressing.  Stressing leaders reduce productivity, which makes your financial situation worse, and it leads to your top talent starting to search for other jobs. 

Don’t be disrespectful to your people by staying silent and don’t lose your top talent by failing to communicate.  

If you want to execute this strategy before you go through a restructure, build a cadence of communication in your business that focuses on transparency, speed of communication, a main method of communication, etc.  Build these now so you will have them later should you need them.

Be Legendary!