In this last episode of the series focusing on strategies for a successful reorganization, we are going to focus on creating and using feedback methods.  

You see, going through a reorg as we said is not a foolproof process.  Sometimes we get it right on the first try, sometimes we miss the mark.  But we have to know immediately when we miss the mark so we can fix it and continue on the path of business recovery.  To do this, you need to create a feedback method in your business to hear from your employees.  Yes, this communication flow needs to flow towards you!

The way you create this feedback loop is through grassroots sessions and regularly surveying your employees.  Your goal is to determine what is working, what isn’t, and what needs to change.  The faster you get the feedback, the faster you can react.  So creating this feedback methodology is a must.

The way you win in your business with this method is by putting it into place before you need it for a restructure. Create annual employee surveys and build expectations around grassroots meetings.  If you create this process now, giving feedback and sharing improvements will become part of your culture.  That’s exactly what you need it to be in order to survive the post reorg process and truly ensure the changes you made result in the business improvements you need.

Be Legendary!