As we enter into the last part of September, we have to realize that 2020 is almost over.  Now, some of us may be celebrating that fact, while others are realizing just how fast time is flying by.  No matter your perspective, we have to realize that we have 3 months left to get ready for 2021.  To do that,  you need to eliminate what is holding you back.

I listened to Dean Graziosi the other day, and if you have listened to most of my episodes you will realize that I listen to Dean quite a bit.  I have a lot of respect for him and I appreciate his perspective on life, business, and leadership.  That said, he shared a few nuggets about eliminating the gray, and it’s something he talks about quite a bit.

Essentially, we have to eliminate the gray as he calls it.   The gray in our lives is anything that doesn’t 100% build us up and propel us forward.  Think about that long-time friend you have, you love him or her to death, but s/he is so negative.  Or, the fact that you want to watch the news because you want to stay up to date on the economy or part of the industry you are involved in, but to do that also means you have to watch the mostly negative information coming your way.  So you can see, there are some positive aspects in both of those but at the same time, they are not 100% positive.

Anything that’s not 100% positive is going to damage our confidence and hold us back.  Now, I would say that 2020 has been full of truly unfortunate events that have been out of our control and have held us back in some instances.  Today you are challenged to look at your life, identify the gray, and start removing it over the next few months so you are 100% ready, confident, strong, focused, and energized as we approach 2021.  

Be Legendary!