Last week we talked about the perspective of drawing your line in the sand to help you make your corporate exit.  Inevitably, when I am working with amazing women just like you I get the question:  “Katrina, how do I find more time to get the extra work done?”  Today we are going to tackle the methods for finding more time in your day for your business.

First, think about it this way: the question isn’t how do you find more time, the question is how do you allocate your time more effectively?

We all have 24 hours in a day.  Those that are most successful use their time wisely.  If you have time allocated each day to run your business, you may not have any extra time to squeeze out of your day.  You don’t want to sacrifice personal time or family time. You can’t interfere with your day job time.  So if you have maximized your time, your challenge now is to find 1 extra hour each week to spend doing the extra work required to move you closer to your Freedom date.

This could be one night a week you go to bed one hour later, or you skip watching the live TV show when it comes on so you can get 2 hours of work done and you DVR it so you can watch the 2 hours in an hour, getting an hour back.

In other words, you get creative.  Ask yourself how you can get at least 1 extra hour a week to dedicate to your business so you can deliver on your freedom date.  Make a list of all of your options. Then pick what works for you!

If you want some additional tips, grab our free resource: The 7 Secrets to Finding More Time in Your Day.

Be Legendary!