In this fifth episode in this mini-series of 11 focusing on the key traits and characteristics of amazing leaders, we going to talk about time vs. money.  All of the impactful leaders I know recognize that time is more valuable than money.

You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.  The time you have allotted to you is as much as you are going to have, but you can always find a way to make more money.  Don’t be so shortsighted to think that you should sacrifice the time you have right now to make money, assuming you will have more time later when you have more money; the two are not equal commodities.

When I was coming up in my career, I worked nights, weekends, early mornings, it didn’t matter I worked it.  And I worked it because I thought of my career and my job like I thought about house chores.  If I can wash the laundry tonight and run the dishwasher, I’m a step ahead tomorrow.  Well, in the business world, when you finish those two tasks, there are 5 more coming up behind them. 

You can’t treat business work like you treat life tasks.  Business is always changing.  If you want to be ahead, you are always going to be working hard to stay ahead of the curve, which means you will never reach the point of “being ahead.”  This is the lie we tell ourselves many times, but this is the lie that the best leaders have uncovered and are not telling themselves anymore.

Do you live your life knowing that time is more valuable than money?  How do you display this each day so that your life is fulfilled?  

Be Legendary!