In episode six of 11 in this mini-series identifying the key traits of amazing, influential leaders, I want to talk about courageous action.  

Recently, I was working on a webinar and I wanted to use Amazon as a case study.  I pulled out my copy of The Everything Store, a book by Brad Stone, to remind myself of the key aspects regarding how Amazon came to be.  I wanted to remember exactly why Bezos started Amazon, what motivated him, etc.

Amazon was started in 1994 at a time when the internet was just starting to become . . . well, something.  The book says that Jeff left his job on Wall Street to pursue his dream of starting a business on the internet.  Or, actually, it says he left because he knew the internet was going to be big and he would very much regret it if he didn’t pursue his idea of starting an online business.  

Jeff Bezos took courageous action.  He had a great job.  A solid income.  He was perfectly fine from both of those perspectives.  But inside of himself, he had to take courageous action to create his business and impact the world.

Being a leader isn’t easy.  It takes guts, determination, hard work, and courageous action.  Leaders take the action that other people fearfully observe and watch from the sidelines.  If you want to start your business, make your mark, serve others at the highest level, take courageous action in your business.

Be Legendary!

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