In episode 9 of our series focusing on the top 11 traits, the most amazing and influential leaders share, today we are going to talk about money management.

As I reflect on all of the leaders that I have followed, learned from, admired, and have worked with, I have to say that they are all good at money management.   Discipline is a key feature of leadership and so of course it’s no surprise that we are going to see the best leaders be disciplined when it comes to money and how they invest their money to work for them later.

The key is that none of them really talk about money, investments, or how they are having their money work for them. So this may be something you have to ask the leaders that you are thinking about.  “Hey, how do you invest your money?”  😁

Ultimately, what the best leaders know is that instead of buying 15 vacation homes, 4 boats, 10 cars, etc. that the money they earn needs to be invested in assets, not liabilities.  They live a nice life, they have the things they want, they have a nice car, a nice, home, etc. but they know that money sitting around in 10 cars is not a good investment since cars depreciate for example.

If you want to be like the top leaders, how are you managing your money?  How are you investing?  While some people tell you the stock market or 401K, I’m going to tell you that’s not the path I follow.  Go check out Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy at CashFlow Tactics if you want to learn how to manage your money like the super successful leaders you know.  At some point, when you make enough money, you are going to start asking the right questions about where to invest, how to do that effectively, etc.  You are going to realize that putting your money in the bank isn’t where your money is going to work for you.  Instead of waiting until you have that kind of money, start learning about it now.  

Be Legendary!