In this final episode of the series, we are going to talk about one of my favorite traits, the fact that the best leaders are actually rule breakers.

I’m not talking about the speed limit, or laws, or even proper manners for that matter.  I’m talking about the rules of a market, an industry, or a business as a whole.  The best leaders do exactly what we talked about in a recent episode about creating the best product.  They look at the industry and say, “How can I make that better? Which rules exist in people’s minds but not in reality and how can I create something that steps outside of those rules?”

As we talked about in another episode in this series, Jeff Bezos in starting Amazon said:  How do I use the up-and-coming internet to create an online shop and deliver an unlimited selection of books at great prices?  Steve Jobs said: How do I create a device that allows you to have music and a phone in your pocket?  Russell Brunson said: How do I create a website that’s not a site, but a page that will only allow people to buy my product so I can truly have a page that sells?

All of these guys, and women too, women like Oprah and Jamie Kern Lima, have looked at a business situation and asked how they could make it better for the consumer?  Realize that anyone you know from history, from business, from the world, the reason you know their names, the reason they are famous is that they probably broke the rules.  Every inventor, every well-known business person, broke the rules and created something better.  This is exactly why you know them, why you cheer for them and celebrate them and their success.  From the printing press to the cotton gin, to the computer, to video streaming, to telescopes, to cars.  We celebrate those inventors because they created something that broke the rules.  

Equally as important, they may have been afraid to break the rules, but they did it anyway.  They did it because they believed in the impact their product, service, or idea would have on the world . . . or at least their customers.

So to end this series I want to ask you, are you breaking the rules?  Do you have this last trait of an amazing leader?  If yes, I love it!  Be a rule breaker!  If not, step outside of your worry and self-doubt and start breaking the industry rules to find your place.  Maybe you haven’t found your place yet because you have to create it.

Be Legendary!