Today’s episode is near and dear to my heart.   I’m sharing with you the fundamentals of what we teach and train within Legend Leaders; mastering the 9.  

Only 18% of first-time founders create a successful business.  That means if you and 99 of your closest entrepreneurial friends are in a group together, only 18 of you are going to actually create a successful business.  That’s heart-stopping and almost defeating, right?  

The point is that starting a business and creating a successful one is hard.  As we regularly say, if anyone could do it, they would and we wouldn’t be one of the few out there trying to run our own businesses.  

What most people are focused on out of the gate is generating revenue.   And I will tell you that fundamentally, is right.  We do need to be focused on generating cash at the start of our business.  But most people get distracted by the tools and who they can meet/who they know and they don’t realize there is so much more to business success.

Can anyone have an amazing two-week launch?  Sure.  If you hire the right marketing team, even more so.  But what do you do after that?  You haven’t created a sustainable business, you had a rave.   The party popped up, everyone enjoyed it, and now it’s gone.  

What we do at Legend Leaders is to help you create a successful, sustainable business.  We do that by teaching you how to master the 9 pillars of business.  We call it:  Mastering the 9 so you can become part of the 18.

Over the next few episodes, I’m going to introduce you to the 9 pillars.  I’m going to keep those introductions at a high level, but you are going to be introduced to them nonetheless.

As always, if you want to run faster, master the 9 without having to search and claw and try to find what you think are the answers to the 9 pillars, we are here to help.

Go check out the Self Made Legend Program and join us if you are a female business leader ready to generate some revenue and create a sustainable business.

Be Legendary!