We are diving in, talking about the 9 fundamental pillars of business today.  I want to kick off this discussion by talking about communication and brand pillars.

Here’s the deal, the 9 pillars aren’t mind-blowing or earth-shattering.  They are business fundamentals that if you sat down and truly thought about business, you would say, “Oh, of course, I need that!”  What most people don’t understand though is that they get the order wrong or they think they don’t need to apply the pillars “right now.”  

That said, let’s talk about communication.  No doubt you are thinking, “Well of course I need communication, Katrina.”  And yes, you do. But let’s talk about what that looks like and why.  Communication is a two-prong process.  You have to have your communication style established for how you communicate within the market, to your customer, or out into the world.  You also have to have the communication style that you use internally, to yourself and your employees.  

Communication builds connection.  Connection builds trust.  You have to build the proper connection with your customer to generate revenue and you have to build a connection with your employees to empower and get an execution.  Deciding what that looks like now, doing it well, and creating it solidly (not waiting), will build this foundational piece within your business.

From a brand perspective, brad goes hand in hand with your communication style.  Now, your brand is not your logo.  It’s not your title or the cool swag you want to create.   Your brand communicates (see, hand in hand) with your customer what their problem is, how your product solves their problem, and how they will feel once it’s solved.  Your brand is about your customer, not your product.

Take a look at your business and decide how well you are doing on these two pillars, then course-correct accordingly.

Be Legendary!