We are going to continue with our discussion of the 9 fundamental pillars of business; the pillars you have to have in place if you want to create a sustainable business.  Today we are talking about the mission statement and life plan pillars.

Your mission statement is how you tell the world what you do each day in your business.  It truly is your “what.”  What do you do each day?   For Legend Leaders, we help female business leaders create successful, sustainable businesses so they can live a Legendary Life.  Simple.  It’s what we do each day.  The world knows this is our mission.

The second piece to this pillar is guiding principles or core values.  The mission statement piece and the guiding principles piece are all one pillar together.  The guiding principles tell the world, and your employees, how you will deliver to your mission.  Many business leaders think they can wait to create a mission statement or guiding principles.  I will tell you that you need to solidify them out of the gate so they can anchor you within the marketplace. Customers can trust your consistency.  New hires can use the guiding principles to help them make decisions within the business.

The life plan pillar is something we have discussed many times.  It’s a huge part of the Legend Leaders mission statement, as you already know.  You have to have a life plan to prevent your burnout, prevent you from losing relationships that matter to you along the way, and ensure you don’t disappoint yourself when you wake up tomorrow and you’re not living your dream life.  

Take a look at your business.  Have you built these two pillars?

Be Legendary!