No doubt these are the most obvious pillars out of the 9, the productivity and execution pillars.   You know without a doubt you have to be productive and you have to take action or execute.  But you would be surprised at how obvious, yet how often, first-time founders don’t get these two pillars right.

Productivity is the framework that ensures you are doing the right work at the right time.  Yet, how many of you know someone or you are that someone that spent 3 weeks on the design of their logo?  Remember that in a startup, your focus is revenue generation because you are trying to validate your offer.  If you aren’t focusing all of your efforts on generating revenue and laying a business foundation, you are not being productive.

Furthermore, if you spend your time productively on the right work, it all goes to waste if you don’t take action on it.  If you spend 2 weeks researching your market, your customer, your competitors, and yet you don’t do anything with the data.  If you take zero action on what you have learned, you don’t have an execution framework.  I see many business leaders who do pieces of training, have a mentor or a coach, and line up all of the right resources, yet they do nothing with them. 

Most people fumble these pillars because they think, “I just need to get my business off of the ground and then I can worry about being fully productive” or “then I can worry about taking action in the right areas.”  The most critical time to be fully productive and executing is now!

How are you doing when it comes to the productivity and execution pillars?  Do you need to tweak your focus and your actions?

Be Legendary!