This is the last pillar on the list, the financial pillar.  Again, a no-brainer when it comes to realizing this is a fundamental pillar of business.  I get it. But you would be surprised at how many female business leaders avoid this pillar.

You know this, I have done several episodes on this before.  I’m passionate about this pillar, I’m passionate about all of the pillars.  But I’m passionate about this one because this is the one I see women avoiding the most.

It’s like you wake up tomorrow, quit your job because you have decided to play professional rugby.  You’ve never played before, know very little about the sport, but you think you are going to start tomorrow being an athlete in the sport and get paid for your efforts.  

Sounds crazy?   And yet, this is what women do every single day in life when it comes to playing the “game of business.”  You don’t know much if anything about the business world.  So why would you quit your job and expect to be paid for doing a job you’ve never successfully done before?  

Why would you also take on a sport for which you had never learned the rules?  If you are going to play the game of business, you must learn the rules.  Knowing the rules of the game is the only way you can win!

If you are unsure of the key financial pieces, that’s absolutely ok.  It’s ok to say you don’t know something.  But. you have to then go and find the answer.  If you acknowledge you don’t know something but then do nothing about it, well, that’s pointless.  If you want to confirm you have the right understanding of the basics, go check out a recent episode I did on the 3 key financial terms.

Do you understand the rules of business and how to win at the game?  If not, how are you going to close that gap?

Be Legendary!