As I teach and talk about the 9 fundamental pillars of business, a question I inevitably get is:  Why don’t I hear about the 9?  It’s a great question.  The key here is that you do hear about the 9, just not in the direct way I teach it or share it.

You see, out of the 18% of first-time founders creating successful businesses, a small few of those people get lucky in some regard.  They have skill sets and knowledge of the business from a parent, a mentor, a coach, a friend, etc. and they know what to do, so they get it done.  Some of those founders work with a great business partner and together, they divide and conquer, both of them bringing skillsets and knowledge to the table that helps them master the 9.  The point is that they absolutely understand what the 9 are, although they may not call them the 9 or even understand that that’s what they are doing.

Every successful business, no matter the market, industry, niche, or product has to master the 9 to be successful.  

So while people aren’t out in the world teaching you about the 9, what you can do is look to the businesses that are failing in the world and point to a lack of at least one pillar as the reason for their downfall.

ToysRUs had issues with their financial pillar.

DeLorean had issues with their brand.

Circuit City had issues with its sales framework.

Blockbuster had issues with its funnel.

No matter the business, no matter the size or how long they have been in business if a company loses, damages, or destroys a pillar, they don’t recover without rebuilding the pillar.

My challenge for you today is to look at the businesses in the news that are going out of business.  I bet you can point to a pillar as to why they are in the situation they are in.

If you want to master the 9, build your foundation while generating revenue in your startup, come join us.

Be Legendary!